Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family History: The Races

Nanny at the races. Age 24 {at first glance I thought this photo was at the beach- but that is a sea of cars behind her!}

Last week my Nanny came to visit for a few days- it was nice to have her here & watch her play with my boys. We did a lot of driving & she told me lots o
f old family stories....but she talked a lot about when she and my grandfather {my Deedledee} used to go to the races. He raced 2 to 3 times a week & she worked at an insurance company. He liked her to wear her lucky suit- a black jacket & black pants...which she isn't wearing in the photo below...he must have lost that night.
My grandmother, Millie, is on the right. When I go to my hometown people usually stop me and ask if I'm Millie's grand-daughter. The resemblance is a bit uncanny.

Deedledee and the checkered flag! Hudson, NH. 1951.
I just love this action shot. 151.

My handsome Deedledee posing with his hot-rod.
Deedledee gave up racing when his oldest child, my Aunt Peg {or Auntie Ho-Ho as Marcus calls her!} was born. He thought it was too dangerous for a father to be racing. But racing remains strong in my family. I have vivid memories of listening to the races on the radio with Deedledee and my dad. Watching races on tv, going to races as a little kid, etc. I'm not ashamed to say that I know most Nascar drivers...and to be totally honest, on race Sundays if I'm home, I'll have the race on t.v....I find it calming to hear the cars go round & round.
This photo was shortly after Deedledee stopped racing. Aunt Peg is 2, my dad is 6 month- this was Easter, 1955.....Can you believe how much my Henry looks like my dad? {Minus the big dimple in his chin!}

Deedledee, Me {age 3 1/2}, my dad....listening to the Indy 500 on the truck radio. 1982.

I love that my Deedledee's passion for racing has trickled down to all of us. When he passed away my Nanny glanced at the clock at his bedside. It was 1:51 P.M.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter: 2011

Marcus helped me count out the candy egss and short them for the nests....Note the dining room table has been painted a pretty light blue...Nate wasn't so sure, but I think he's come around.
Sparky helping Slink with his Easter Bunny stash.
Made these cute little easter bags that I saw over on the Purl Bee!
"Hiiiiiiiiiii, Baby Boy Henry, Hiiiiiiiiiiiii!" Marcus.

I puffy heart these two boys SO much!
Henry Paul "Blue-Eyes" Hamilton

Monday, March 14, 2011

This Doesn't Happen Very Often...

#2 snoozing in the swing
#1 passed out in the arm-chair {you do know that he thinks he is Woody, right?}

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

My Newest Assistant

Papa took Sparky snow-mobiling today....so it was just Mommy & Henry for a few peaceful hours...I was able to get a little bit of work done...but ended up spending most of the time either nursing or rocking a little someone...slowly getting back into a groove!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Welcome Home Baby Henry

We are happy to announce that our sweet Henry Paul was born on February 15th at 8:10 in the morning....he weighed in at a whopping 8 lbs. 9 oz and was 20.1 long.....amazing since I went into pre-term labor at 28 weeks....he obviously was not affected!
After some fairly major set-backs from the surgery {I won't get into the details on this blog} I am finally starting to slowly feel better- better enough to break out the camera! Poor baby boy has been loved, but it hasn't been very well documented.....now that I'm {almost} back up to my normal energy levels he is going to get used to the camera pretty fast!

Hanging out with Mommy one sunny morning....
Big brother Marcus got a new Woody {Toy Story anyone?} cowboy hat from baby brother Henry....not sure which one he loves more at this point...and yes, those are the same boots that he has been wearing for the past year....size 10- so we'll have them for a long time to come!
Henry seems to understand that Mommy has been through a lot- and is the most content, sweetest baby ever....he rarely cries & takes nice long 5 hour naps at night! xoxo