Friday, October 22, 2010

Sparky and the Pumpkin Patch Express

Today I had to meet some clients in Jackson- and it just so happened that the Cog Scenic RR was hosting their Pumpkin Patch Express...costumes encouraged. Luckily- the dragon {aka Dinosaur} top still fit from last year- as I haven't yet finished 2010's Halloween costume. It was incredibly cold and windy today- so the dinosaur top kept him nice and warm....
"Stop, Choo-Choo Train!" putting his hand out like a policeman...and yes, it stopped to his amazement.

The sheer wonder of meeting the conductor.....

There were so few people on the train on a Friday that we got to put our shoes and "boom-booms" up.
The train stopped in Glen at the Cider House and all the little ones got to pick a pumpkin- Auntie Sara would be proud of how perfect this one was!
Pretty smug -feeling like a hot-shot on the train- and a little bit tired too! xoxo


  1. L.O.V.E.! I especially loved when I called you earlier today and asked how the train ride was, just in time to hear in the background "choooo-choooooo, choooo-chooooo!" Clearly, he had the best time ever!!! :)

  2. WOW.....It is great you could document a big outing like this just Marcus and Mom. I love the last picture and his tired eyes =). See you soon! - Elise


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