Sunday, October 3, 2010

New Baby = New Bedrooms

Me: "Marcus, what kind of baby are we going to have?"
Marky: "a BOOOOOOY"
{and yes- that is the face he makes when saying "boy"!}
Sweet little Henry.....kicking me!
And since we now know for certain that we are having boy #2- Daddy has been hard at work getting Marcus' big-boy-bedroom he can move in and get settled before Henry arrives.

Taken from what will be bedroom #2- they will have adjoining bedrooms....and most likely sleep in one and play in the other....Sparky helping Daddy {he even has his tool belt on}

It looks like we {Nate} has a lot to do- but I think the end is in site!


  1. That is EXACTLY the face he makes!! HAHA!
    Nice work Nate, it looks amazing! Did I hear you were starting to paint already?!?!

  2. You are having a boy?!! Congratulations!!!

    The room is looking good :)


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