Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Easter Re-Cap {a little late}

I had a lot of fun dying eggs this year....I don't think I've done that in about 15 years....it was actually really relaxing!

Marky's Easter Basket....

Getting ready for the egg hunt.......

New gnome....and the bunny left an egg for him!

Perhaps the ONLY egg Marcus picked up!

Sully was more interested in what was in each egg before he went to the next....

Why look for eggs when you can ride your horsie?
Marcus & Aunt Peg :0)

Sully blowing Marcus some bubbles!


With Daddy....
You wouldn't know it...because I really didn't take many photos...but the following people were here too {in no particular order}:
Sara, Andy, Gram, Mom, Dad, Peg, John, Nanny, Elise, Justin, Owen, Sully, Darlene, Bob, Eben, Ethan, Nathan, Bev, Jack, Pete & Regina. Whew!

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