Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mother's Helper

A while ago Abby gave me this sweet book for Marcus c. 1982- it was Nicky's, then Zack's, and now is being read multiple times a day by you-know-who....The book is different than most of the zilllions of others we have at home; it doesn't have any words. So we just make up a little story about the little boy helping his mama. Well, Sparky is at the age apparently where he likes to imitate everything he sees. So, much to our delight & amazement he likes to do everything he sees in the book {too bad there wasn't a page on napping and toilet training! ha}

He has a baby doll that he likes to bring his blankie to & tries to give her some of milk from his sippy...I just haven't documented that yet!

Marcus LOVES LOVES LOVES doing the dishes...Kitty Scout does too!

We build forts with blankets to read books and play with all the animals...

We scribble... and draw pretty things....

And of course we help out with Oscar....In fact, these days Marcus can open and close the door to let Oscar in and out....he really is our little helper!

The End.

There are no words

There are no words to really describe the following images. They speak for themselves.