Monday, October 26, 2009

Hanover in October

Last week we finally got a chance to make an outing as a little family & went to Hanover for the day...
Nate and Marcus outside the Hood Museum {Seriously...I had never incredibly embarrassing!}

Marcus being Marcus...(a big thanks to Ginni for the sweet sweater!)

Holding Daddy's hand...this is when I told him it would be okay if wanted to attend Dartmouth I won't be too far away!

The Holy Family with the Infant Saint John the Baptist- Denys Calvaert about 1570-1573

This weirdo sofa was made of cloth and cement paste....

I really am not a huge fan of modern art- but there was this HUGE piece of old telephone dials set into glass....super cool!

{Marcus's first time with chopsticks- he does a lot better than his mama!}

After going downtown and into some of the shoppes on Main Street- we had a late lunch at Yama Japanese & Korean Restaurant. One word: FABULOUS. The Hamilton's have a new favorite place to eat! Jen- when you and Ed finally return from overseas I'll have to bring you there- I'm sure you'll be missing the Korean cuisine!
P.S. I didn't take a picture- but I had a breve (latte with half&half) at the Dirt Cowboy Cafe that was so amazing that I actually dreamt about it that night....and I'm not even joking! Who dreams about lattes? Apprently I do!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Gram's 75th Grange Award

Gram was presented her 75th year recognition certificate by the State Grange Master; this award has only been presented 3006 times in the entire history of the Grange. Gram joined when she was 15 and has been active ever since!
Gram giving her little speech- she finished by informing the crowd that she "still drives!"

Owen & Grampa Jack

Me & Elise
Me & Marcus (Sully was helping Marcus smile by throwing leaves up at us....Thanks Sully!)



All three boys having fun in all the crazy leaves.

Friday, October 16, 2009


p.s. yes- i really like stripes...and yes...i realize christmas isn't for a few more just happened that way when it was pj time last night. xoxo

Thursday, October 15, 2009


Saratoga Springs

After a long break for revamps & a crazy busy summer- my family/personal blog is finally back up and running- thank you Crissy for all your hard work!
Last weekend I went to Saratoga Springs to shoot Sue & Chris's Jaynesapalooza wedding....

Something I never really thought about- Saratoga Springs is named that because there are lots of natural Springs everywhere in the area...this was was in historical Congress Park.

The carousel was recently restored & we went there to do some super fun bridal party shots.

I also went to the Salsa & Spice Co. on Broadway....and brought home some delicious Autumn Apple Salsa & Photo Finish hot sauce (for Nate).