Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meghan needs....

I was reading Meg's blog and found this game & I've also seen it on FaceBook... I thought it looked like fun so I tried it out.
Into your google search browser type your name followed by "needs". Mine was, "Meghan needs". Here is what I got:
1. Megan needs another drink.
2. Megan needs to come back
3. Megan needs your help, Nutley
4. Meghan needs new lip jewellry (no she doesn't!)
5. Megan needs to get her ass in gear if she is going to be ready
6. Megan needs to write faster!
7. Megan needs to realize the truth
8. Megan needs a savage beating (please, no!)
9. Megan needs your numbers
10. Megan needs to a break!

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