Monday, February 2, 2009

25 Random Things

This silly thing was from FaceBook- and since I went through all the the trouble of writing it, I figured I'd post it here too. Now, make your own list!
1. I drink 4-5 cups of coffee a day. Cream and sugar. For 4 long months of my pregnancy even the smell of it made me VERY ill.
2. I adore Martha Stewart, I think she makes the world a better place. Oprah too.
3. Orla Kiely is my favorite designer. I'm not so patiently for her Target line to be released (was SUPPOSED to be yesterday). If any of my friends at GH happen to come across her gray woolen bag at a sale- please grab it...I'll be your best friend!
4. I love to ski. But haven't been in 2 years...preggers last year, and this year have the baby...and need to get bindings put on my new skis I won 3 seasons ago! Ak. My husband refuses to ski. Says he "fell down too much" the one time he tried as a kid. I remind him I broke my eye socket learning how to ski...and I went on to race in High School (but I was a crappy racer- I blame the junky skies!)
4. Last Thursday I witnessed my dog, Oscar, get hit by a truck. The scene keeps playing over and over in my mind- even though he is, for the most part, okay.
5. Each time my baby Marcus learns to do something new I'm at the same time insanely proud and a crushed that he is growing up so fast.
6. I plan on starting to jump my little pony, Greta, this Spring. Giddyup!
7. Last year my veggie garden was wildly succcessful- much to everyone's surprise...supposedly I had chosen the "wrong" spot.
8. I talked to my mom and my sister. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. And I see nothing wrong with this.
9. I love to bake and cook & do all my domestic goddess things...and sometimes wonder why exactly I have degrees in Criminal Justice, Liberal Studies, and am 3 classes short for one in Fire Science?
10. I rearrange furniture and organize all my "stuff" as a form as procrastination- Nate thinks I do this to annoy him, but really, I think it started about age 6 or 7.
11. Marcus wears cloth diapers, about half the time. They are a pain, but I feel a lot better when he does.
12. I consider my Aunt Peg & Abby to be my 2nd moms, they helped make me the person that I am today.
13. I am very competitive & I am sad that the women's softball league doesn't play anymore around here. If I was any good at soccer I'd sign up for that league.
14. I love being a photographer, there is nothing better than capturing happy memories (as opposed to homes in cellars and burnt out dryers).
15. Pocket doors make me claustorphobic (spelling, I know). However, I have no problems wearing full turnout gear, an airpack, and crawling around in confined spaces.
16. I don't mind doing dishes. I love my retro kitchen so much, that I just want it to be sparkely and perfect all the time.
17. I wish Newport, NH was about an hour closer- I'd be at Elise's 3 times a week- easy!
18. I got my love of baking, quilting, and homemaking from my Gramma Brown.
19. I got my love of popcorn and organization from my Grampa Brown. His mother, Bessie, was a photographer....
20. From my Deedledee I got a deep love for animals, Irish music, Nascar, and town pride.
21. My Nanny (dad's mom) is a part-time police officer, avid reader, and she collects I got that from her!
22. Marcus doesn't go to day-care. He goes 3 miles down the road and spends 2 days a week with his Nana & Pa.
23. Peonies & Hydrangeas. Country Music. Rap. Folk. Corned Beef & Cabbage.
24. My pregnancy was a bit of nightmare, but I can't wait to have baby #2!
25. I married the very best guy in the world AND he builds me furniture.


  1. I'm resisting very hard not to do this chain on facebook...posting it on the blog might be a very good way around it. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Dear Megan,
    I enjoy seeing all the latest pictures of little Marcus and the rest of you, of course.
    After reading your comments on the lace cookies, I thought I'd send you a great recipe. Please send me your email address or ask Jackie for the recipe.


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