Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Taaaaa-Daaaaaa THE Nursery!

Marcus is finally enjoying living in his own sweet space.....

an over-all fisheye view......note the awesome owl rug

adorable firetruck from uncle andy campbell

Gramma Brown gave me one of mom's old baby bottles this Christmas

another fisheye view...i realllllly like using this lens!
where's oscar? hard to see, but in the corner by the bookshelf is a huge teddy bear mom made for Christmas, sitting in the adorable rocking chair that Nanny got him.

did i happen to mention that uncle andy (campbell) got him the COOLEST pair of shamrock green moon boots?

The birdie mobile I made, and the flags from my baby shower (made by Sara)

The changing table was a yardsale find by mom years ago- Elise used it for Owen, and then Sara & I used it at our hold all the booze! I made a word collage on Wordle (so fun!) that's hanging above.

The top half of the built in cubby- eventually it will have another shelf in it. Abby made the adorable cross-stitched wallhanging.....

I finally got around to making the curtains, bumper, and crib skirt.

a framed newborn onesie...he USED to be so tiny!

Top of the dresser- the funky owl from Sara & Andy, the wooden car from Sara, the picture from Robbie-Doo, and the doggy piggybank was mine as a little one, and the lamp I got when we lived in Sugar Hill (Nate never liked it has a happy new home!)

I had a lot of fun with random flash cards.

It's hard to tell in the photo- but the letters and numbers spell:
Marcus B. H. LOVE DPNG (because of Pa, Nana, and Grammie...and I just liked the little deer one). and the number cards are his birthday: 7-10-2008.

and where was Marcus during the documentary photoshoot?
downstairs in the living room getting kisses from daddy!

Oh, and just to make this room even sweeter......
The entire thing only cost me a bucket of paint (same blue as my retro kitchen), a polka dot comforter cover from the Garnet Hill Outlet store (that I chopped up into a billion different things), 2 picture frames from Walmart, 4 Cynthia Rowley baskets from Target on clearence, one poster sized print from Kodak, the little coat rack I ordered from Garnet Hill, and the flash cards from PaperSource.....bringing my grand total to: $133.00 (The crib was from a friend & the dresser was Nate's when he was little....most everything else were gifts from the baby showers!


  1. love it!!!!
    The room looks so huge with your fish eye lens!
    Can we talk about how cute Marcus is!? I mean, come on! - love, Auntie Sara

  2. found you through decor8 - i love this room! so colorful yet peaceful too. thank you for sharing. :)


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