Sunday, January 11, 2009

Marcus: 1/2 Year

Marcus turned a half-year yesterday....which seems hard to believe. But then, I look out the window and see a foot of fluffy, white snow and remember how warm it was when we brought him home from Littleton Hospital...and the rain. I'm pretty certain it rained for the first 27 days of his life. He can roll over, and over, and over. Scoot across the floor on his bum. He loves Oscar..and squeals with glee when he sees him. He adores Sophia, and will stop drinking a bottle in the middle of the night in vain attempts to pet her. He loves his daddy, and his mommy...and wants his mommy and only his mommy when his stubborn bottom tooth is trying to makes it's way into the world. He loved his ducky pacifier, but has discarded it in favor of a soft Tigger. He loves his teddy bears in his crib. He is happy in his crib; even in the mornings, he'll be content for over an hour talking to his animals and his toes. He likes to chew on his toes- especially in the bathtub. He is the BEST little eater...and will get angry if I don't shovel the food in quick enough. He prefers Nana's applesauce with rice-flakes, but also like green beans, peaches, pears, and carrots...he isn't so sure about prunes and winter squash. He likes to be in his bouncy seat, but hasn't quiet figured out how to turn around in it. He likes his vibrating chair and his swing when he's tired. He enjoys The Colbert Report & Jon Stewart...and laughs out-loud (seriously). He has the most adorable little belly-laugh. And the biggest little belly. He loves to snuggle and give hugs. He trys to give open mouthed sloppy kisses.....he is the best little Mocus-Pocus in the whole wide world.

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  1. What beautiful pictures and eyes--wow! Thanks for keeping me updated on everything Marcus!


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