Thursday, November 27, 2008


Marcus reading his Thanksgiving Day card sent from Auntie Peg

Some recent things I'm thankful for: the wooden pull-toys I found at the Craft Fair (I attempted to fix the eyes), pecan pie made especially for dad, a new puppy for marcus from the craft fair, sara's yarn turkey hiding with my mini-pumpkins, a new vase with my hydrengreas in the kitchen, my new cookie jar (from my new friend, potter Beth Griffin), and my fabulous new bag compliments of Miss Bernie.

Other things....the newly installed floor registers helping to keep our house toasty, my new walk-in closet that I am finally using, installing the upstairs french doors, being SO close to moving upstairs, our up-coming mini-jaunt to NYC in December, Mocus being the happiest baby in the world, Gram's apple pie, Gossip Girl (my biggest guilty pleasure these days...)

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