Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fun Growth Chart

So, I stumbled across this really neat idea for a growth chart on Etsy a while back- Ms. Natalie's Growth chart. You can find it here.
Sadly, it is sold out & a bit on the pricey side besides. So I'm thinking I might have to make Marcus one in a few months. But, when do you start measuring kids? When they can stand? Hmmmm...
The best thing about this chart is that you can pack it up and tuck it away after you fill out the tag and pin it to the ribbon...which makes me kinda sad. We used to mark ourselves at the top of the basement stairs on New Estate Road. And then at the camp inside my bedroom closet- we even marked friends- I'm certain Chloe, Heather Legenza & Kristen Harrington were measured inaccurately by me at some point.

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