Thursday, October 9, 2008

3 Months Old

Nate's Aunt Maureen knit Marcus this adorable blue and brown striped you can see he has some room to grow before it will fit. I didn't have the heart to pack it away until then, and Jackie had heard of someone that took a picture each month of a special outfit until a baby grew into it. I thought that sounded like something I could handle- and it will be cool to someday look back and watch him grow into his special sweater. Thank you Maureen!
Auntie Sara got M this little sock pony & his mommy LOVES it! Also- just and FYI for those who care, and this is totally off subject, but we are using the cloth diapers (BumGenius) during the daytime when we are home (they aren't the best for overnight at this point- we have lots of leaks & when he is at Nana & Pa's we just use regular Pampers).
Ummm....he looks a little scared here! But, I swear, he was happy :0)
And the Jungle Gym thing, I hate the way it looks in my living room, but an adorable 3 month old loves it & has just figured out how to make the kitty play some songs. I got a little weepy last night packing up some clothes that don't fit anymore & listening to him make the music play- he couldn't do that last week!
Well, someone is asleep in my arms as I type- so we are off to bed! xoxo

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