Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Owen's 1st Day of School

Elise just sent me these pictures taken this morning- Owen's first day of Kindergarten!
How cute is he with his enormous backpack???? The first of many pictures to be taken in front of the door :0)
Love you Owee!!!

I clearly remember my first day of the 1st grade at Shaker Lane Elementary School. Or, more specifically, I remember riding the bus to Shaker Lane- not so much any of the school day itself.
My mom, dad, Sara, and Aunt Peg were all waiting with me by the mailboxes on New Estate Road. Trixie, our smelly beloved Golden mutt, was there too. I distinctly remember the scent of my new Littleton Tigers pleather drawstring bag...bright golden yellow with a navy tiger emblazoned on the side. I was very proud of my bag, I think it came from one of the football games? One of the first of possibly hundreds of bags in my life. The bus finally came & I stepped away from the mailboxes...and Sara was happy to have dad all to herself!
Coincidentally...the bus driver (a red-headed kid, who at one point was pulled over for speeding- in the bus!- by Aunt Janie's house next to VeryFine) FORGOT to pick me up on the very LAST day of 1st grade...he just zoomed right by...and I had to chase the bus down the street to Checkerberry Lane...but my little legs weren't quick enough. I missed the big yellow bus, and returned home in tears so my Deedledee could drive me to school with his smelly dog, Eddie, a slobbering German Shepard.

I don't have too many memories of Kindergarten- Mrs. Calhoun. M is for Milk. Z is for Zebra. The little cubbies lined up by the door with our names on them. And snack time- I remember the little milk cartons being delivered every day.

1st grade was Mrs. Constantine and "Choose Your Own Adventure" books. When I had my kidney operation Mrs. C sent me a little white kitten stuffed animal. I still have that kitten- it's up in the attic at Mill Brook Farm. And I remember this girl Margaret...who liked to be called Meg...informed me that I could not be called Meg..because she was, and so began my complex with being called Meg or Meghan...but never Meaghan or Meggie!

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