Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fall Harvest

Today I was reminded how blessed we are to live in New was an incredible Fall day. Marcus & I were up early this morning, trying to be quiet so Daddy could sleep. I enjoyed my coffee at the computer in my sunny office, while Marcus was chattering away in his swing- greeting the birdies outside.
After Nate got up and shared his coffee time with Marcus on the couch- watching the latest news (mainly about she-devil Sarah Palin & McCain and how to grill eggplant)- Marcus and I headed down to Hanover for a photo shoot. I met up with the Gilberts at Hanover Fire & we had a great time taking pictures of Jenna & Jameson goofing around the firehouse with Mike. Then we went to a little farmstand in Orford- the kids fed these ridiculous mini-goats & chickens (thank god they were in a coop!) and picked out pumpkins. I bought some potatoes, lettuce (mine tasted AWFUL this year), green and red peppers, and a coffee frappe.
After we spent some time visiting and shooting more pictures at the Gilbert's- we headed north on Route 10. It was a great day for a car ride...I was listening a book on tape (Hard Truth-Mariah Stewart) while Marcus was busy snoozing in the backseat. Driving through Lyme, Orford, Piermont and into Haverhill was a dazzling drive today, the old Federal houses always inspire me.

We stopped at the apple shack in Haverhill, but my friend Sue wasn't there today. I got some apples and cider. Then we stopped at P&T Farm and got some free-range hamburger (actually I think I got 10 lbs of hamburger!), some maple bacon, breakfast sausage, and a maple ham. I always stock up on meat when I get the chance to buy my meat there- it gives me peace of mind to know that I'm supporting them and that I know where my meat comes from. Although I have fallen victim to shopping at Wal-Mart, especially now that I understand how difficult it is to shop with an infant, I refuse to buy my meat and produce from them.

When we finally arrived home, I was happily surprised to see that Nate had painted one of the dormers! (The one that will in a few weeks be Marcus'!). Gram came over and we made salsa to freeze for the winter with the zillion tomatoes I grew this year in my itty-bitty garden. She also boiled down some of her raspberries, so I have a raspberry compote to enjoy tomorrow morning with my yogurt. Chloe stopped in to visit & spent some quality time with Mr. Marcus while Gram and I were busy in the kitchen. I love that my new kitchen is big enough that all four of us were comfortable and could chat- I couldn't do that in the Sugar Hill cabin!

I made corned beef & cabbage too- but ended up eating dinner alone...well not technically alone, I had Oscar, Sofia and a sleeping baby. Nate & his trainee were en route home for dinner, but someone in Grafton County needed them more than I did tonight.

I feel blessed that I had such a wonderful day with Nate, my baby, Gram & Chloe and that I was able to stock up on amazing, local produce and meat for my little family!

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  1. For some reason, I just saw this post...and I got to tell you, you described my perfect New England day. I want to go home now (only 11 more months-at least!). I am especially jealous about the part where you bought maple bacon; my mouth is watering thinking about bacon. Glad to hear that you are doing well and enjoying the fall!


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