Monday, August 25, 2008

Marcus Visits the Capitol

The New Hampshire flag waving in the summer breeze...
I always love going to the State House- it's where Nate & I met for our very first date...back when he was still living at Troop F & his mom's & I was working for dispatch and the State Fire Marshall's was a sunny day just like this one.
One of NH's newest democrats, his mother, and the Governor!
Still sporting the Lynch propaganda at Gramma's....

Mike & Hannah

That little kid ran with Nate almost the whole race- a future NH Olympian?

Last week we were in Concord for the day. Marcus had a follow up appointment for his hips and feet at Concord Orthropaedics...and everything is fine. After, Nate decided to get a haircut downtown- so Marcus and I strolled around- it was a beautiful day! Governor Lynch was giving a press conference about conservation & Marcus and I decided we should listen in. Afterwards, Marcus got his picture taken with Lynch. We then went to Gramma's house - and Marcus got to try out the crib he has there...
Then we went to the State Police DARE 5K race at the racetrack in Loudon. Marcus & I did the Fun Run 1 mile (I ran about 75%....which is a lot more than I thought I could!)...and then Nate did the 5K. Mike & Hannah did the 5K too- I took their picture beforehand, because Hannah officially moved into Mike's that morning....making the population of Landaff now 401!

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