Sunday, August 17, 2008

Landaff Old Home Day

i love my new typewriter!
a close-up of my new prize
beans, lettuce, tomato, beets, squash, zinnias, cucumbers, zucchini
Snoozing in the sunshine....

Saturday was Old Home Day in Landaff- so we spent the day in town at the Fireman's Auction....I was instructed not to by anything- but still managed to come home with 3 lbs. of local honey, a gift certificate to the Eastgate, an old milk-bottle box, some old milk jugs, new vintage typewriter! I've been coveting an old typewriter for as long as I can I was estatic when my mom showed up with it! (We had to leave early since I had to bring someone home to feed him....)

Nate's mom was up for the weekend- so we all went to the Landaff dinner- Sara, Andy, Gram & my parents.

Since Jackie was here, I was able to spend some time down in my garden...and picked about a zillion beans....but I also got my tomato of the season, and a green pepper too.

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