Saturday, August 30, 2008


above the doorway headed to the dining room
one of several milk jugs
ice crusher from chloe
telephone center
The it or hate it...I don't care!
My Hoosier cabinet that Nate built- my baking center :0)
from the dining room
from the sink looking towards the hall and dining room...
from the mud-room

I'm working on a secret'll all see soon enough...but I needed to document my kitchen (my favorite room in the whole world)....and I realized that some of you have never seen my house (like Aunt Jo, Ingrid, Em, Maria...) so I figured I'd post them here...why not, right?
There are still some things I'd like to have done in the kitchen- like install the cabinet hardware, get a small island, change the little throw rugs, re-center the ceiling light (it's drives us nuts) and when we do that- install retro ceiling tiles (which can be done really  on the cheap with the right embossed wall-paper!)....So for my birthday I just want Nate to drill all the holes for my hardware and then I can screw them all in! EXCITING, huh?


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