Thursday, August 14, 2008

1 month 2 days and counting

Outside today- I wanted to get one more day out of the little yellow sweater....
All by himself in his rocking chair

bored already!
he's sitting next to me in bed as i type- i have 1 arm around him -like we are an old couple watching tv. he prefers sleeping in his days..we think he likes the sun and to look outside and see nature.
last week my aunt peg and nanny came for a few days- it was so nice to have them here for an extended time and really get to visit (and let them change diapers!). we went blueberry picking with gramma brown & then the entire family went to Govoni's Italian Restaurant on Rt. 112 in Woodstock- they haven't been open for a few years & I thought the food was delicious.
On a side note- my mother was 45 minutes early for dinner (and for any of you that know my mother know what an oddity this is)...and Nate, Nanny, Dad, Peg, Marcus and I were 20 minutes late due to the bad weather and a road detour from a mudslide on crazy Rt. 112 & Sara and Andy were 20 minutes late due to a "communication failure."

Last night Abby came over and watched Marcus while Nate and I worked upstairs. Her job really wasn't too much of a challenge since all he did was sleep! Her car was no further than the mailbox before he woke up :-( I was, however, able to get the first coat of Behr's Ionic Sky up on the nursery walls. It looks a lot brighter than it does downstairs in my kitchen! I'm anxious to get the flooring in to tone it down a bit!

On a sad note- Marcus is growing to big. He doensn't fit into his newborn sized onesis anymore. Luckily,the rest of the newborn sized stuff still works- the pants and hoodies and a couple outfits...his mommy is not quite ready to pack it away so soon!

Its amazing to think that he has already been with us for over a times it feels like he's been here forever & then sometimes it seems like a shock that he is.

Last night he managed 6 hours in a row- so here's hoping we can have a repeat tonight!
If not, we'll spend some quality time watching the Olympics in the wee hours of the morning again...which really isn't all that bad either!

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