Saturday, August 30, 2008


above the doorway headed to the dining room
one of several milk jugs
ice crusher from chloe
telephone center
The it or hate it...I don't care!
My Hoosier cabinet that Nate built- my baking center :0)
from the dining room
from the sink looking towards the hall and dining room...
from the mud-room

I'm working on a secret'll all see soon enough...but I needed to document my kitchen (my favorite room in the whole world)....and I realized that some of you have never seen my house (like Aunt Jo, Ingrid, Em, Maria...) so I figured I'd post them here...why not, right?
There are still some things I'd like to have done in the kitchen- like install the cabinet hardware, get a small island, change the little throw rugs, re-center the ceiling light (it's drives us nuts) and when we do that- install retro ceiling tiles (which can be done really  on the cheap with the right embossed wall-paper!)....So for my birthday I just want Nate to drill all the holes for my hardware and then I can screw them all in! EXCITING, huh?

Friday, August 29, 2008

Thank Goodness...

for swings!
Marcus is happy in his swing...while I work fast and furiously on editing a zillion photos!  My office is turning into a nursery :0)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Painting the House

Along with finishing the upstairs, and building a woodshed, and getting the wood into the woodshed...Mr. Hamilton has started painting the house. The color is AMAZING....we've been sworn to secrecy and can't say what the color stain officially is...our friend Ryan Boissonneault was nice enough to share his pro secrets!
But don't my hydrangeas really pop against the gray/green????

Castle in the Clouds

Last Friday was my first official wedding back after having Marcus. Luckily, it was a very small & short wedding at the Castle in the Clouds. Auntie Sara came with me & watched Marcus while I was off shooting photos for a couple of hours...Sara took these of Marcus smiling! How come he won't do that for me?


We recently discovered that we love whole milk- especially farm fresh whole milk!
Needless to say, this half gallon didn't last very long!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Marcus Visits the Capitol

The New Hampshire flag waving in the summer breeze...
I always love going to the State House- it's where Nate & I met for our very first date...back when he was still living at Troop F & his mom's & I was working for dispatch and the State Fire Marshall's was a sunny day just like this one.
One of NH's newest democrats, his mother, and the Governor!
Still sporting the Lynch propaganda at Gramma's....

Mike & Hannah

That little kid ran with Nate almost the whole race- a future NH Olympian?

Last week we were in Concord for the day. Marcus had a follow up appointment for his hips and feet at Concord Orthropaedics...and everything is fine. After, Nate decided to get a haircut downtown- so Marcus and I strolled around- it was a beautiful day! Governor Lynch was giving a press conference about conservation & Marcus and I decided we should listen in. Afterwards, Marcus got his picture taken with Lynch. We then went to Gramma's house - and Marcus got to try out the crib he has there...
Then we went to the State Police DARE 5K race at the racetrack in Loudon. Marcus & I did the Fun Run 1 mile (I ran about 75%....which is a lot more than I thought I could!)...and then Nate did the 5K. Mike & Hannah did the 5K too- I took their picture beforehand, because Hannah officially moved into Mike's that morning....making the population of Landaff now 401!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Landaff Old Home Day

i love my new typewriter!
a close-up of my new prize
beans, lettuce, tomato, beets, squash, zinnias, cucumbers, zucchini
Snoozing in the sunshine....

Saturday was Old Home Day in Landaff- so we spent the day in town at the Fireman's Auction....I was instructed not to by anything- but still managed to come home with 3 lbs. of local honey, a gift certificate to the Eastgate, an old milk-bottle box, some old milk jugs, new vintage typewriter! I've been coveting an old typewriter for as long as I can I was estatic when my mom showed up with it! (We had to leave early since I had to bring someone home to feed him....)

Nate's mom was up for the weekend- so we all went to the Landaff dinner- Sara, Andy, Gram & my parents.

Since Jackie was here, I was able to spend some time down in my garden...and picked about a zillion beans....but I also got my tomato of the season, and a green pepper too.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Marcus 4 1/2 Weeks

Today I pretended Marcus was an actual client and took some portraits of him...the best shots came from his newly painted (although only 1 coat still) nursery..the natural light is amazing in there!

Enjoy...and please let me know what you think of the slideshow- I've never tried one before...

Thursday, August 14, 2008

1 month 2 days and counting

Outside today- I wanted to get one more day out of the little yellow sweater....
All by himself in his rocking chair

bored already!
he's sitting next to me in bed as i type- i have 1 arm around him -like we are an old couple watching tv. he prefers sleeping in his days..we think he likes the sun and to look outside and see nature.
last week my aunt peg and nanny came for a few days- it was so nice to have them here for an extended time and really get to visit (and let them change diapers!). we went blueberry picking with gramma brown & then the entire family went to Govoni's Italian Restaurant on Rt. 112 in Woodstock- they haven't been open for a few years & I thought the food was delicious.
On a side note- my mother was 45 minutes early for dinner (and for any of you that know my mother know what an oddity this is)...and Nate, Nanny, Dad, Peg, Marcus and I were 20 minutes late due to the bad weather and a road detour from a mudslide on crazy Rt. 112 & Sara and Andy were 20 minutes late due to a "communication failure."

Last night Abby came over and watched Marcus while Nate and I worked upstairs. Her job really wasn't too much of a challenge since all he did was sleep! Her car was no further than the mailbox before he woke up :-( I was, however, able to get the first coat of Behr's Ionic Sky up on the nursery walls. It looks a lot brighter than it does downstairs in my kitchen! I'm anxious to get the flooring in to tone it down a bit!

On a sad note- Marcus is growing to big. He doensn't fit into his newborn sized onesis anymore. Luckily,the rest of the newborn sized stuff still works- the pants and hoodies and a couple outfits...his mommy is not quite ready to pack it away so soon!

Its amazing to think that he has already been with us for over a times it feels like he's been here forever & then sometimes it seems like a shock that he is.

Last night he managed 6 hours in a row- so here's hoping we can have a repeat tonight!
If not, we'll spend some quality time watching the Olympics in the wee hours of the morning again...which really isn't all that bad either!