Monday, July 28, 2008

Old Roommates & Farmer's Market

The runny blueberry pie (and the orange tea kettle that Ingrid got me a few years back...the closest I could come to getting a picture of Ingrid!)

Marcus hanging out last night on the quilt Gram made him.
Jen's moose booties!
Marcus modeling the moose booties on Gram's quilt.

The past few days have been pretty exciting around here. On Saturday morning Marcus & I ventured out into the world together for something other than a doctor's appointment...we went to the WREN Farmer's Market (where Sara and mom have a craft booth). AND my old UNH roomie, Ingrid, just happened to be in NH for the weekend hiking with her brothers (Ingrid lives in Virginia & I haven't seen her since our wedding). So, needless to say it was great to hang out on a perfect Satuday morning with Ingrid & Marcus & see all my friends from WREN.

Saturday night the Koehler's came over for dinner & Shelley brought over her famous chicken and shrimp dish. We enjoyed some fresh sweet bread from the farmer's market & I had made a blueberry pie- that was super runny :0( We had lots of fun- but little Madeline had a rough time when the thunderstorm started up-prior to that she was a big help taking care of Marcus!

Sunday- we really didn't do much. Nate worked upstairs. Mac came over to hold Marcus & I spent the vast majority of the day doing laundry and working on some sewing projects for M.

Today I got to visit with my other college roommate- Jen- who I also haven't seen since our wedding :0) Jen & her husband Ed are leaving in a few weeks to teach English in South Korea. Lucky for me, they have been staying in Vermont with Ed's family for the past few weeks since leaving Florida. It was soooo nice to spend the morning with Jen! She made Marcus an adorable brown and white striped hat AND the sweetest little moose booties. Thanks Jen!!!!

Of course, for whatever stupid reason- I didn't think to take pictures of either Jen or Ingrid- how sad!

Today my mom & I went to Woodsville to the new Wal-Mart with Marcus- which I dreaded since I hate Wal-Mart...but it was so easy since the bank is in there, the photo lab, the groceries...etc. And they now carry Martha Stewart craft I was able to amuse myself while we waited for the photos...anywho...once we got out to the GTI the battery was dead (which has happened a few times lately..but usually if the car sits for a few days. Luckily, a fellow Landaffian just happened to be in the parking lot & gave us a was Marcus's first Wal-Mart experience- sitting in a dead car. Swell.

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  1. Thanks for posting the pictures of the booties. I was able to show my grandma the pictures so she could see what I've been able to accomplish (she taught me how to knit).

    It was great to see you and Nate and meet Marcus!!


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