Monday, July 21, 2008

Bev & Jack's 40th Anniversary Party

Renewing their vows....
Aunt Party
Gus playing with the big kids
Gram & Sonny
The bride cuts the cake
Woody officiated the ceremony
Caden & his Gramma
The Koebke clan finds the food ( another reason I'm so sorry I missed the party!)

Grampa Sonny & all his boys (and Annie too!)
Uncle Jack's hard work payed off- look at the LAWN!
Owen.....squirting the photographer
Elise & Sully
Dad & Justin manned the grill
The new Mrs. Emily Barnes

My Uncle Jack & Auntie Bev celebrated 40 whooping years of marriage this past Saturday at their home in Nottingham. We are bummed that we missed the celebration- but it would have been a bit too much for 10 day old Marcus. I missed seeing all of my family- mom took these photos. Enjoy & Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Caldon!!!!!

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