Friday, June 6, 2008

32 week check up

today nate & i went to marcus's 32 week appt with dr. marks.
i lost 3 lbs in the past 2 weeks- prolly due to being sick...dr marks wasn't concerned since i've gained a total of 21 so far. marcus's heartbeat was good, my bellly measured right, and he is still staying head down- but kinda lopsided...since he is all on my right side. my bloodpressure was 98/62...the best part is that because I seem to being keeping my blood sugars under control, I now only have to test my blood sugars 2 days per week, rather than jabbing myself 4 times a day!!!! Yay!

i feel terrible today- very pukey and sore. i'm sitting on the couch with a heating pad and oscar (taking a break for editing photos)...nate is upstairs drilling holes in the 2x4s so they can pull all the wiring tomorrow (they = dad + nate).

the upstairs is all framed- so we are just needing to get the wiring done..and then they can insulate (already purchased ) sheetrock (need to buy)...paint (abby, mom, sara- i'm using the same beach blue in the kitchen for the nursery...and will need to buy the light brown/cream for the bedroom) and then we can put in the flooring..which i bought a few weeks ago.

32 weeks. 8 weeks to go. 146 lbs.
tired of someone's little foot under my rib cage :0)

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