Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Maria!

Happy, happy birthday Maria! We wish we were with you in Bulgaria to share some cake & bring you a little gift...but we will have to wait ‘til next year to celebrate with you...In just a few short weeks you’ll be our sister-in-law & we are both so excited!!!


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Thank you both very much for the wonderful birthday surprise!! We can't wait to see you (all of you) in August! It will be wonderful to celebrate all our birthdays together. Andy made a very tasty cake yesterday, and I'm sure he'll make another one for all of us next year!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Things I want to do before I'm 30!

1.Run, baby, run!
Run in a 5k (again) and then maybe a 10k...but this will have to wait until someone arrives...there is a Dare 5k every August (Nate won for his age group last the pressure is on!) So August 2009 I’ll be hopefully tying up my laces! (So I’ll be 31, oops!)

2. Learn Calligraphy
I really want to learn how to be a calligrapher...I have pretty nice hand-writing when i apply myself..and I’ve picked it up from time to time...but I really want to focus on getting my technique down. “Calligraphy” literally means “beautiful writing” in Latin: maybe I can get brides to hire me to shoot their weddings and write out their fancy invitations! wouldn’t that be somethin’!

3. Sew and So
I can sew a lot of basic stuff, but I really need to sit down and take some serious lessons from my mom- and learn how to do the things I button holes, sleeves, and zippers! Now that the baby is coming I have some projects lined up!

4. Can More Stuff
This past Fall Gram taught me how to can I can do that and tomatoes..but I want to learn how to do more..and how to pickle stuff too- since Nate LOVES all the odd stuff Gram makes him (carrot relish, anyone?)

5. Restore my little desk
Growing up I had a very cool little desk that used to be my dad’s (evidence: doodles of the Boston Bruins logo) and before him my great-uncle John (who was also a Fire Chief). Anywho, it’s an adorable little flip down desk with lots of little cubbies and drawers...right up my alley! So my plan is to restore it and have it in our entrance way as a terrific little writing desk. I could even practice #2 here!

6. Get a Valentine typewriter....
to place in #5! And it looks like since we are getting some bonus money back from our idiot Commander in Chief...I just might buy myself one....the rest (along with our tax return) will be spent making a room for us and the baby upstairs!