Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Recap

Baby's 1st Christmas. I'm hoping my hairdresser (mom) will see this photo and be shamed into finally "squeezing" me in for a haircut! Ugh!
Andy, Maria, Jackie, Marcus, Me & Mr. Hamilton
Everyone at Jackies :0)

Christmas morning in Mom's kitchen- we had been up since 5 the coffee was sorely needed.

Christmas was pretty much a whirlwind affair: Nate was working day shift- so we went to Mom & Dad's first thing...but not before I got to rummage through 6 bags of garbage in search for $75 worth of accidentally tossed gift cards. Found.
Then Dad & I & Marcus went to Littleton, MA to see all the McGovern crew. After visiting and eating lots of food- Dad dropped me off at Jackie's- where I ate another delicious meal and opened even more presents. Maria's parents & sister Nydia were visiting from Bulgaria- so it was nice to meet them & made Christmas a little more special. On the 26th we spent the day at Gramma Browns. I didn't bring my camera. I knew Elise & Bev would document the day. Dad & I taught Eben how to play cribbage. We ate waffles, dessert, and then a pork meal. Gram finally figured that if she feeds us ALL day, we will stay ALL day.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Whirlwind One Night Stay in NYC

Giant (like 20 feet tall?) Ornaments
Flags circling Rockerfeller Center

Us at Rockerfeller Center
Saint Patrick's
St. Patrick's
It's not really a vacation if I don't take pictures of firetrucks.
Amanda & Mac by Central Park
Chestnuts. I wasn't impressed. Everyone else was.
I'll restrain myself from the rude comment. Fill in the blank:__________!

By Columbus Circle...or something like that.
Edited to Note: Marcus was home safely with his Nana & Pa....and we missed him terribly the entire time...Momma was happy to come home!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

sweet silhouette

Looking for something easy to do on a cold, snowy blah day? I was inspired by NieNie's love of silhouettes & decided I need to make this. (Not familiar with NieNie and her story? Check it out here).  The letterpress kraft mat frame was another great esty find from YeeHaw Industries... 
I plan on making one of me, Nate, Oscar & Sophie and arranging them in our newly decorated living room, or perhaps the dining room?

Monday, December 1, 2008

Photo Booth

The November 2008 Pretty Little Things Club gift arrived last week....and the instructions were simple: take these to a photobooth and take some pictures.
Well, in Northern New Hampshire, we are lacking in the cool photo booth I used PhotoBooth via my beloved Mac.
Marcus didn't seem to mind his fact, he thought it was funny.
I'll try to remember to bring them to NYC...where I'm sure we are bound to find a super-cool photo booth....which would cute if the 3 of us crammed into one, eh?
Last month's PLT was a neat vintage-inspired set of shadow animal cards...which will be very fun to use in a few years with a certain little someone!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Going on a trip

Procrastination...I should have been packing our suitcase for our overnight visit to Aunt Peg's...but before we did that it was a lot more fun to do this! And now, the laundry isnt' done...oops!

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Marcus reading his Thanksgiving Day card sent from Auntie Peg

Some recent things I'm thankful for: the wooden pull-toys I found at the Craft Fair (I attempted to fix the eyes), pecan pie made especially for dad, a new puppy for marcus from the craft fair, sara's yarn turkey hiding with my mini-pumpkins, a new vase with my hydrengreas in the kitchen, my new cookie jar (from my new friend, potter Beth Griffin), and my fabulous new bag compliments of Miss Bernie.

Other things....the newly installed floor registers helping to keep our house toasty, my new walk-in closet that I am finally using, installing the upstairs french doors, being SO close to moving upstairs, our up-coming mini-jaunt to NYC in December, Mocus being the happiest baby in the world, Gram's apple pie, Gossip Girl (my biggest guilty pleasure these days...)